Welcome to Halcyon!

The launch of this new website coincides with Halcyon’s change of name to Halcyon Office Solutions Ltd.  This new name better represents the diverse range of products and services that we are involved in. 

When Halcyon started, in the mid 1980’s, “computer” and “office” supplies were very polarised purchases. Usually, only the I.T. department would make computer supplies purchases, mainly down to a certain mystique that surrounded these sorts of products (Just exactly how does this ribbon fit this printer?  Let’s call I.T.!!)  And ordering office supplies (stationery) was usually the responsibility of someone from admin.

Nowadays, most organisations view all of these purchases as the same thing and therefore look for a “one stop shop” solution – and that’s what Halcyon provides in bucket loads.

Please check back here from time to time or follow us on 1 or all of the Social Media links – we’ll be letting you know all about what’s going on at Halcyon, including all of the charity events we will be supporting throughout the year, and any new and exciting developments.