Recycling services

Most organisations are now aware of their corporate responsibility to “do their bit” for the environment. But where do you go to access reliable and good value recycling services. Halcyon has solutions which are available to our customers (within our own local delivery area) who use us as their main supplier of office solution products.

Our WEEE recycling service, fully authorised and licenced by the Environment Agency, will collect any redundant hardware items you may have and recycles them through our licensed partners and in accordance with current regulations. This can be PC’s, monitors, servers, cables, keyboards plus much more. There is a charge for WEEE recycling which is calculated per unit so please ask your Account Manager for a quote today.

Toner cartridges can usually be recycled into new toners. We will take back any used toners that you have accumulated and recycle them. Where possible, empty toners are stripped down, checked and re-filled to be used again. Where this is not possible they are broken down into constituent parts (plastic, metal etc) and recycled in accordance with current best practice. Toner recycling is free of charge providing Halcyon is your current supplier of new toners.

Packaging can be expensive and troublesome to dispose of, particularly if you have made some significant purchases which can leave you with many boxes and filling. Providing Halcyon has supplied you with the new equipment we will gladly remove any packaging from your site and reuse or recycle through our licence partner company.

Copies of our EA licences are available on request.

Recycling services from Halcyon