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Welcome to Halcyon Office Solutions

At Halcyon we are proud of our long standing partnerships with hundreds of local schools. We really understand the levels of service that schools need which is why, from start to finish, we make every effort to make the buying and delivery process as simple and effortless as possible.

We know that school budgets are under close scrutiny and we are always looking for ways to keep costs for schools to an absolute minimum.

We specialise in securing hardware specifically for schools and have long established partnerships with national and international suppliers to access the very competitive educational market.

And, finally, we also know that the personal touch is sometimes lacking in today’s impersonal world. That is why all of our drivers are seen as our ambassadors and are expected to provide the best possible service they can – we call it “Desk to Desk” – and know what a difference it can make.

What do we do?


Providing a range of quality stationery items at competitive prices

Computer Supplies

We deliver essential computer supplies such as disposables and office hardware.

Hardware and Peripherals

Our belief is that 'if it's made, we can source it for our customers'

Furniture and Janitorial Supplies

Often forgotten, this important products provide the backbone to a clean, professional office environment.


Over a third of the business we do is in within the Education sector, head over to our Education site to find out more.


From large quantities of A4 Copier to specialist digital and tints in all sizes, we can help.